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Marine Media

TetraMedia provides more sailing news than any other marine group in the southern hemisphere.

Sailors in the South Pacific are voting with their mouses!!

  • Once prepared to wait for sailing news to appear in their monthly or bi-monthly sailing magazines, they are clicking onto a sailing news web site, Sail-World.com for the latest sailing news. Today’s sailing news today.

  • Sail-world.com is now the largest sailing website and the largest boating news site in the southern hemisphere. What is the attraction…. it’s detailed, immediate, sailing news!!!

  • Sail-World.com provides the most detailed coverage for the major events in the South Pacific’s sailing calendar.

  • Sail-World is now a vital news source for active racing sailors in Australia, including boat owners, navigator, boat managers and crew. It now has the largest database of racing yachts, with owners themselves updating information online.

  • Sail-World’s news stories are not just posted locally. Its event coverage is being picked up by magazines, news wire services and international sailing web sites.

  • Sail-World’s major southern hemisphere breaking stories, syndicated around the world reach 55,000 sailors in America, Asia, Europe and the Pacific, by direct email, on the day of the story.

  • Hundreds of thousands of sailors read Sail-World’s southern hemisphere news stories on their own local websites.

TetraMedia's news stories go to over 500 different media groups including national and international sailing web sites. We can get your message out fast!!!


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