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 Why should we advertise with Sail- World?

Sail-World.com is the largest marine news network in the world. Sail-World.com started in Australia and now has a global footprint with sites in the USA, the UK/Europe, Asia,
New Zealand and World and Australian Cruising sites. Sail-World is currently launching its new Boating and Boats site and its full Powerboating site will launch in 2007.

Sail-World.com is a key source of information for serious sailors because we are cover both racing and cruising sailing in great detail.  We cover offshore racing, keelboats, match racing, and Olympic classes and our event news coverage goes to over 900 different media groups including national and international sailing websites.

The monthly unique visitor numbers for Sail-World Australia and Sail-World Australian Cruising  (independently verified*)  are now much greater than the combined circulations of Australian Sailing, Australian Yachting, Cruising Helmsman, Asia Pacific Boating, Fragrant Harbour, Boating NZ and SeaSpray.

Sail-World does not wait for sailors to visit. 80,000 newsletters a week, deliver News, Advertisers’ Press releases and hyperlinked ads to a loyal subscriber base.
Sail-World will have 500,000 unique* visitors in 2006  (*a sailor who visits every day all year is still just one unique visitor) and we recording weekday averages of 150,000 page views. 

A major story about a marine company may appear in a magazine once, but then it is gone. By contrast Sail-World’s 30,000-story archive is online.  

 Google, Yahoo and other search engines and newsfeed services index Sail-World news stories within five minutes of publication and so large volumes of Sail-World traffic somes from Internet searches.

Sail-World stories, via our customisable news tickers, already appear on more than 220 Sailing Club, Association, Industry and regional news sites.

Preparing your 2007 budget?  Sailors have moved online and that process continues to accelerate with broadband, so you need to make sure that between 40% and 100% of your advertising expenditure is allocated to online media.

    How much will it cost?

Sail-World online advertising delivers instant reach. The cost per thousand advertising impressions on Sail-World is less than 1/5th of the cost of other marine print media.

Annual Sail-World promotional programs, for the Australian market, cost from $125  to $795 per month + GST, that is between $1,500 and $9,540 per year + GST. 

Sail-World Standard Promotional Package: The standard  package for small and
medium size companies cost AUD$315 per month

With this package Sail-World publications will display animated Advertiser’s link buttons on the left hand side of website,<<<< and will post up to 24 Advertiser’s newsworthy press releases, accompanied by images provided by the advertiser and/or from our own image archives. Sail-World will works closely with advertisers to ensure regular editorial coverage.

Sail-World Premium Promotional Package: Costs AUD $795 per month

Most important: Premium Advertisers own exclusive newsletter material will be send to the combined Australian Sail-World mailing lists. (one newsletter for every three Premium months per year.)  A highly effective contact list for finding new clients, it includes all the owners/skippers racing on the Australian East Coast in the last five years.Premium Advertisers will have extra prominent onsite advertising (on the right hand side of pages)>>> as well as on the left hand side <<<<.

Sail-World will works closely with Premium advertisers to ensure a flow of features and regular editorial coverage.
Additionally Premium Advertiser have unlimited New Products database rights, Brochure download facility and Sail-World will build and distribute Corporate screen saver program. (these facilities can be added to the Advertisers own website.)

Increasingly advertisers are moving to year-round Premium Packages, or are using a mixture of Standard promotion, with Premium promotion during key months for their product range. This allows programs for a range of budgets, as can be see with examples of mixed Standard/Premium packages,

Because of the importance of direct newsletter marketing most new advertisers are starting with the 9 Standard/3 Premium package which costs $435 per month and delivers one of those.

Sail-World Rates + GST (for Australian companies only)     -      from October 2006

12 month

12 months

9 Standard

6 Standard

3 Standard

12 months



3 Premium

6 Premium

9 Premium


$1,500 pa.


$5,220 pa.


$8,100 pa.

$9,540 pa.

$125 pm

$315 pm.

$435 pm.

$555 pm.

$675 pm.

$795 pm.

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Powerpoint Presentation http://www.sail-world.com/files/Sail-World Advertising Packages 2006f.ppt    Right click here and save before running.

Contact Liam Daly at Nautical Media Partners 0405 497 423

Data sources - Alexa/Amazon and Sawmill & magazine publishers public docs.)

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